Thank you for donation to the IHS Capital Campaign 

Thanks to our generous sponsors and donors, we have raised $700,527 in donations and pledges as of March 8, 2024.  If you have not already claimed your spot on our Donor Wall or a Brick, do so today!


Thank you to our generous sponsors who will be honored with a special plaque, naming rights, and on our Donor Wall.

Signia - Conference and Learning Center - $150,000
Starkey - Innovation Huddle Space and Museum - $150,000 
Andreozzi Family - Hospitality Hub - $50,000
Kitch Attorneys & Counselors - Reception - $50,000
Clell Hamm, BC-HIS; Ralph Jackson; Douglas Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA; Alan Lowell, BC-HIS; Leanne Polhill, BC-HIS - Education and Training Supplies - $40,000
Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Care Professionals - Media Center - $30,000
Beltone - Technology - $25,000
Listen Hear, LLC - Communications Hub - $25,000
National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences - Entry Courtyard - $25,000
Oticon - Outdoor Event Space - $25,000


Thank you to our members and friends who have purchase one or more bricks to be laid in our entry courtyard.

Candice Boldt, BC-HIS
Vaughn Bray, MCD, BC-HIS
Max Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS
Filippo Albert Cosentino
Sophie Cushing, BC-HIS
James Dane, BC-HIS
Douglas Dunker, ACA, BC-HIS
Christine Feige, BC-HIS
Rick Giles, ACA, BC-HIS
Penny Giordanelli, ACA, BC-HIS
Kathy Harvey-Jones, MsEd
Hearing Aid Association of Kentucky
Peter Lee, BC-HIS
Cindy Hoest, BC-HIS
John Hoglund, ACA, BC-HIS, and Patricia Hoglund, ACA
Leslie Holden, BC-HIS
Sandy Hubbard, ACA, BC-HIS
Ed and Janis Lybarger
Tammy Miller, BC-HIS
Wayne Morris, BC-HIS
Hansen Phangia, BC-HIS
Mark William Rahman, BC-HIS
Paula Rogers, BC-HIS
Carol Sayre, AuD, CCCA
Darin Scheurer, BC-HIS
Michael Stone, BC-HIS
Verna Taylor
Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS
Janie York


Thank you to our generous Donors to the Capital Campaign for their individual donations.  Donors giving $1,000 or more will have their name/designee appear on our Donor Wall.

Platinum Level Donors ($10,000-$24,999)

Richard Davila, II, ACA, BC-HIS

Gold Level Donors ($5,000-$9.999)

Alabama Society for Hearing Healthcare Providers
Todd Beyer, ACA, BC-HIS & Karen Beyer
Georgia Society of Hearing Professionals
Hearing Healthcare Alliance of New York
Hearing Healthcare Providers/California
Patrick Kochanowski, BS, ACA, BC-HIS & Cheryl Kochanowski
Scott Lau, ACA, BC-HIS, and Jinette Lau
Ed and Janis Lybarger
Jordan McMillin, BC-HIS
Roberta Miller
North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals
Oklahoma Hearing Aid Dispenser's Association
Washington Hearing Society

Silver Level Donors ($2,500-$4,999)

Christine Feige, BC-HIS
Nicholas Gray, BC-HIS
Marsha Mattingly, BC-HIS
South Carolina Hearing Aid Society
William Wohlers, BC-HIS

Bronze Level Donors ($1,000-$2,499)

Diana Demarco
Laura Dennison, AuD, BC-HIS (Ret.)
Celeste Dyer
Susan Fenrich, BC-HIS
Steve Franson
Hearing Aid Association of Kentucky, Inc.
Toby Hill, ACA, BC-HIS
Leslie Holden, BC-HIS
Sandy Hubbard, ACA, BC-HIS
Eddie Ledford, Jr., BC-HIS
Douglas Johnson
Jeff Johnston, BC-HIS
Harry Leibovich, Sr., ACA, BC-HIS
Carol Maksimow, BS, ACA, BC-HIS
Katy Mizikowski, BC-HIS
Alissa Parady
Ted Sueng-il Park, BC-HIS
Kirk Payne, ACA, BC-HIS
Pennsylvania Hearing Healthcare Association
Samual Runde
Samantha Sikorski, ACA, CPCO, CDP
Michael Stone, BC-HIS
Delores Tomasik
West Virginia Hearing Aid Society
Peter Zellmer, AuD


Robert Dohe, BC-HIS
Patricia Connelly, PhD, CCCA
Kathy Harvey Jones, MsEd
Amy Smith
Thomas Higgins, ACA
Beverly Anne Stevens, BC-HIS
Claude Adam Tudor, BC-HIS