National Apprenticeship Program for Hearing Aid Specialists


Employers: Why Use This Program to Hire Apprentices? 

  • Recruit from an untapped talent pool of individuals seeking employment in a healthcare-related apprenticing field - which can diversify your workforce and enable military veteran-trainees to use their GI bill benefits
  • State apprenticeship agencies will work to find you candidates! 
  • Investing in the future of your employees to strengthen employee loyalty 
  • Access possible tax and other business incentives for hiring Veterans or candidates from state hiring programs

Note: The DOL Apprenticeship Program does not replace existing licensing requirements.  All apprentices must register with their state licensing authority and comply with statutory and regulatory licensing requirements, as applicable.

Employers should review the National Guideline Standards to gain a better understanding of the program outline.  Your state apprenticeship agency will guide you through the process of completing the forms and any other necessary paperwork.

IHS asks that employers complete our online Interest Form to let us know that you are pursuing Registered Employer status and hiring using the progra