Buy A Brick! Support the IHS and NBC-HIS Headquarters Capital Campaign 

You have a one-time opportunity to be part of history, as IHS renovates its newly-purchased, permanent headquarters by and for members. Once renovated, the modern space housed in this commercial building in Farmington, Michigan, will match the stature and professionalism of IHS members and NBC-HIS certificants, and be one that you can be proud to call your professional home.  This is your chance to leave your mark by BUYING A BRICK!

Building Exterior, facing North.

Some IHS Staff in the Courtyard

Buying a Brick

For $500 you can purchase an engravable brick that will be laid in the courtyard entrance.

First you'll be asked to sign in or create an account.  Once you've done so, you add the purchase of a brick, enter your contact and payment information, and then submit the donation.  We'll be back in touch with you in the coming months regarding the message you'd like on the brick(s).

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Capital Campaign Brick
Engraved brick that will be laid in the courtyard entrance. We will contact you at a later date to attain details regarding the message you would like engraved on the brick.
The cost is $500 per brick, and quantities are limited. To purchase a brick, enter $500 in the Suggested amount box. If you are purchasing multiple bricks, please include the total dollar amount in the Suggested amount box below (i.e. $1500 if you are purchasing 3 bricks).

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