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Be part of history! IHS is building out its new, permanent headquarters by and for members. Once renovated, the modern space housed in our newly-purchased building in Farmington, Michigan, will match the stature and professionalism of IHS members and NBC-HIS certificants, and enable IHS to deliver you more.


Be a part of this legacy moment.

This new headquarters building will house your 22 IHS and NBC-HIS staff, and feature a Conference and Learning Center, Museum, and Recording Studio - bringing together members, students, and volunteers for in-person learning and collaboration, as well as capture and place on display the history of the profession and organization.  This building also features leasable, revenue-generating suites that offer growth opportunities for IHS and NBC-HIS.

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There are THREE ways to give: Buy a Brick and have your name appear in our courtyard.

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To make a donation, you MUST sign in or create an account.  If you do not know your login, contact us for assistance.  Choose the amount of your donation (or customize your amount), complete the form, and click Submit Order.  Those giving $5,000 or more, will be invited to add a complimentary brick as our thank you for your generous donation.  If you've opted to accept the gift of a brick, we'll be in touch with you about your message.

Note: Contact us via email or phone 734-522-7200 for payment options.

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Raised as of 2/28



Building Exterior, facing North.