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CE Approval Stamp and Required Approval Statement

Fees for IHS Course Approval

    Annual Registration Fee: This fee is due every year (and is based on the calendar year) when the Annual Provider Registration Form is submitted. This step must be completed prior to submission of your first course application.

    Education Provider Annual Fee: $400 USD
    IHS Chapter Annual Fee: $250 USD
  • Late Application Fee: All applications must be submitted no later than 30 days before the first offering of the course. If a course application is submitted after the 30-day deadline, there is a $100 late fee.
  • Roster Processing Fee: Education providers are invoiced for posting continuing education credits to each attendee’s record and for issuing an IHS certificate of completion. As a benefit to IHS chapters, this fee is waived.

    Certificate Fee: $5 per IHS Member/$10 per IHS Non-Member
  • Add-on Fee: A $20.00 per person fee charged to the education provider each time there is a participant "added on" to a roster that has already been processed.  To avoid being charged this fee, please be clear in your course announcements about the importance of choosing IHS CE credit at the time of the course.
  • Late Roster Fees: There are two types of roster late fees. The fee is $100.00 per roster.
    • Late Fee for Rosters not sent to IHS within 60 days of the course date.
      Rosters are due within 30 days of the course date, however, if you submit a roster that is more than 60 days past the course date (30 day deadline + 30 day grace period), you will be charged this late fee. The late fee will be included in the invoice with the per certificate fee after the roster is processed.

    • Late Fee for Rosters sent in after February 1 for courses held the previous year.
      For example, rosters are due within 30 days of the course date. However, if your course is offered in December 2020, but you don’t submit the roster until February 20, 2021, you will be charged this late fee. The late fee will be included in the invoice with the per certificate fee, after the roster is processed. This fee will be charged separate from the 60-day fee noted above.



IHS generates invoices bi-monthly. Each invoice will include the roster processing fees for all rosters processed in that two-month period, as well as any applicable late fees. Invoices must be paid promptly (net 30) via check or credit card.

For questions regarding IHS course approval email