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Score Transfer Letters

Some hearing health professionals seek to hold licensure in several jurisdictions. If you have already passed the ILE and are seeking licensure in another jurisdiction, contact the state/provincial licensing agency you are seeking licensure in to determine whether they would accept a Score Transfer Letter.

A Score Transfer Letter is a confidential report created by IHS containing information that documents the candidate’s test result. It does not in any way indicate that the candidate is currently licensed or in good standing in the jurisdiction in which they took the ILE.

How To Request a Score Transfer Letter

  1. Before requesting a Score Transfer Letter, be sure that your state/provincial licensing agency will accept it. Contact your licensing agency to learn their policies regarding Score Transfer Letters.

  2. Once it is clear that your state/provincial licensing agency will accept a Score Transfer Letter, call 734.522.7200 or email

  3. Note that Score Transfer Letters are provided free of charge to IHS members. Non-members must pay a $50 processing fee, with payment information due on submission of the request.

  4. Score Transfer Letters must be requested by the candidate, not the licensing agency or any other individual. 
    • In your request, please provide:
      • Your name 
      • The jurisdiction for which you originally took the ILE
      • When you originally took the ILE (The year is required, but month or specific date are also helpful.)
      • Which jurisdiction you want to receive your results 
      • Payment information, when applicable
  5. Score Transfer Letters are processed weekly and sent directly to the state/provincial licensing board requested by the candidate. Score Transfer Letters will not be sent to the candidate, only to the licensing agency.