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Exam Results

Candidates will not receive exam results right away. Upon completion of the examination, the candidate will receive a “Test Completion” email. Exam results are sent to state/provincial licensing agencies weekly, and candidates in every jurisdiction (except Colorado, Texas, and Utah) will receive their exam results directly from their licensing agency.


Examination Scoring

The examination is comprised of one hundred and five (105) test questions (items). Of those 105 items, 80 are scored and 25 are non-scored (pilot) test questions. Test-takers will receive a score based upon their performance on the eighty (80) scored items. This examination utilizes dichotomous scoring, meaning the answer selections are either right or wrong. The candidate will earn one (1) point for getting the question right (correct). The candidate will earn zero (0) points for getting the question wrong (incorrect).


A score report will be provided to the state/provincial licensing agency. IHS provides a recommended passing score, but the ultimate pass/fail decision is up to the licensing body. The licensing board will then contact the candidate with their examination results, except Colorado, Texas, and Utah candidates.

All inquiries regarding the status or results of an examination should be directed to the state/provincial licensing agency, not to the International Hearing Society. IHS is not permitted to share performance information directly with candidates, except Colorado, Texas, and Utah candidates.

Please do not contact the International Hearing Society for exam results. 

Please note: The states of Colorado, Texas, and Utah have adopted the IHS recommended passing score. Colorado, Texas, and Utah candidates will receive a score report directly from the International Hearing Society.

When can I expect to receive my exam results?

It varies. IHS sends results to licensing agencies weekly. They will then have to be processed before they can be provided to you. Therefore, it can take quite some time for candidates to receive their exam results. If a candidate has not received their results two (2) weeks after their exam date, they can contact their state/provincial licensing agency for more information about the status of their results.

What information will be provided with my exam results?

The International Hearing Society recommends that licensing agencies report only a pass or fail decision based on overall exam performance, but each jurisdiction can decide what information they will provide to their candidates. IHS does not provide section level results on the exam because it was not designed to provide diagnostic information at the section level. Any performance measures reported at this level would be considered unreliable.

How will I know which areas I need to study?

IHS recommends looking at the Competency Model with your trainer/mentor and having them help you identify areas you may need more practice in. Additionally, you can subscribe to ILE Test Prep which provides two full length practice tests, custom quizzes, and feedback on users’ performance in each topic area with red, yellow, and green progress bars. ILE Test Prep questions also include references to help find information. Plus, it includes the Competency Mapping Tool which relates the Domains and Objectives in the Competency Model to the IHS Distance Learning for Professionals in Hearing Health Sciences course.