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IHS Advanced Education

The International Hearing Society is developing a new Advanced Education program. This program will replace the ACA (American Conference of Audioprosthology) program that was previously offered by IHS. This new program will be convenient, full of useful information, and provide a credential (like ACA) to those who complete it. We are working hard to ensure that this program is of the highest quality, and you can be part of that!

About the Advanced Education Program

IHS is dedicated to providing the best and most accessible education to our members and the hearing healthcare community. We listened to your requests and are creating this program to meet your needs. This new Advanced Education program (name subject to change) will have:

  • Flexible online education
  • Personalized feedback from knowledgeable instructors
  • Networking and peer learning
  • Hands-on training in clinical skills
  • Reusable materials such as cheat sheets, templates, etc.
  • Those who complete the program will earn a credential that distinguishes their advancements among their peers.

The program will be offered in three parts.

Term 1 Term 2   Hands-On Workshop
Self-paced online learning with feedback from instructors, optional live sessions, and peer engagement.

All enrolled learners will complete the same modules.
Self-paced online learning with feedback from instructors, optional live sessions, and peer engagement.

Learners will complete mostly the same modules, but will have a choice of an elective.
Some of the topics covered require hands-on instruction and practice to fully master the skills, such as ear impressions and cerumen management.

The workshop will take place over 
a weekend in the Spring, either Thursday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday, depending on the learner’s elective choice.

After the program, learners must pass a final assessment, which will determine their eligibility to earn the Credential.

Now Hiring Curriculum Developers and Instructors

Volunteer members of the IHS Advanced Education Task Force, with support from IHS staff, have identified 13 module topics that will be included in the Advanced Education program. IHS is now seeking qualified Curriculum Developers to write the content that will be delivered in each of those modules. Those selected as Curriculum Developers will also have the opportunity to act as the Instructor for the module(s) they develop.

Find the full Position Description here, and APPLY NOW! Applications are due October 27, 2023.

What does being a Curriculum Developer entail?                                               

Curriculum Developers will create the module outline and detailed content. Their primary responsibilities will include:

  • Attending all virtual and in-person meetings.
    • Kick-off meeting January 16-18, 2024
    • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Utilizing IHS tools and templates to develop the curriculum for one module (4-8 hours of content) of the new Advanced Education program (or multiple modules, if selected).
    • This will include: lecture content, slideshow presentations, quizzes, exercises, interactive activities, discussion questions, assignments, etc.
  • Developing assessment(s) and grading criteria/rubrics for the module(s).
  • Working with members of the Advanced Education Task Force and IHS staff, receiving feedback to shape the curriculum and ensuring alignment with the goals of the program.
  • Meeting all assigned deadlines.
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of all content, as described in the Confidentiality Agreement

There is a $3,500 stipend for each developed module. Half of the stipend will be paid upon hire and the remaining half will be paid upon completion of the project.


What does being an Instructor entail?

Instructors will deliver the content and interact with learners during the program year. Their primary responsibilities will include:

  • Recording any presentations, voice-overs, or videos to be included in the course
  • Availability during the course Term to engage with students, such as:
    • Assigning and responding to discussion questions
    • Providing feedback on assignments/projects
    • Holding 1-2 virtual office hours sessions
    • Responding to student questions
  • Attending the in-person hands-on workshop in Spring 2025, if appropriate
  • Proctoring and grading assessments, as needed
  • Other responsibilities, as needed

There is a $2,500 stipend for each module that a person instructs. If required to attend the hands-on workshop in Spring 2025, there will be an additional $1,000 stipend paid. Instructors will be hired on a per-term basis, meaning that being hired as an Instructor now neither commits you nor guarantees you to be an Instructor in future terms.


Can I be both a Curriculum Developer and an Instructor? Do I have to do both?

You can apply to be the Curriculum Developer for up to three modules. If you’re interested, you can also apply to be the Instructor for those same three modules, but you don’t have to apply to be an Instructor if you don’t want to. At this time, we are not accepting separate Instructor applications, though that may change in the future.

Read the full Position Description here , and apply by 10/27/2023 using this form.

If you have additional questions about the position or the application process, contact us at or 734-522-7200 and speak to Michelle Weiss, extension 112.