Submitting the Attendance Roster to IHS

A Roster of Attendee(s) is due within 30 days of the completion of the course offering. If submitted after the 30-day deadline, there is a late fee. Education providers must use the IHS Roster Template (MS Excel).

The following are a few tips for successfully submitting a roster of attendees. 

  1. Download the IHS Roster Template (MS Excel) here.
  2. Create a new worksheet for each date/location the course is hosted. Use the date as the name/title of the worksheet.   Use the date format: “MO-DD-YY”.
  3. Fill out information at the top of the worksheet.
  4. The roster must contain the following data – attendee name, address, email address, # of CE credits AND last four digits of the student’s U.S. Social Security Number or Canadian Social Insurance Number.
  5. Send the roster electronically to
  6. Do not save as a PDF. The roster must be an MS Excel document.

Failure to provide required data will delay the processing of the roster. For more information, refer to the IHS Course Approval Requirements and Guidelines.

Download the IHS
Roster Template

For questions regarding IHS course approval email