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There are two pathways into the profession: on-the-job training along with the IHS Distance Learning Course, or an academic degree in hearing instrument fitting and dispensing, offered at a few colleges in the US and Canada.

Students who are using the Distance Learning Course should have by now received several email communications from the IHS Professional Development team about the course and your journey to become a hearing aid specialist.

There are many preparatory tools and options available. Therefore, we’ve put together a Success Checklist (below). Each step is critical to your attainment of the core knowledge and skills necessary to become licensed and fully equipped to practice as a hearing aid specialist.

Success Checklist 

Check off the steps as you complete them.

Each state/province has different rules and regulations.

IHS Members can purchase the DL Course and Trainer Package at a discounted rate.


Insist your sponsor test you on each core skill presented in the Trainer Manual and provide you feedback and assessment.

This provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your professional development and gives you an active role in the assessment process.

Check with your state/provincial board about your eligibility to sit for the IHS International Licensing Exam. When IHS is informed by your state/provincial board that you meet the requirements, the IHS Study Guide will be made available to you (applies to 43 U.S. states and 5 Canadian provinces using the IHS International Licensing Exam*).

Continue to practice until you reach mastery level. Competency assessments are the key to your success.

Materials are noted in the IHS Study Guide (some are sold by IHS; others can be purchased elsewhere). Be sure you have studied all material mentioned in the IHS Study Guide.

As an IHS member, it shows patients you take your profession and their care seriously.

Check out the IHS Continuing Education Resources for different opportunities for continuing education.

* IHS International Licensing Exam refers to the written International Licensing Examination for Hearing Healthcare Professionals.


IHS is your partner and we’re here to support you. Keep a look out for more tips and guides on working in the profession.
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