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Exam Accommodations

IHS is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). Under the ADA, IHS is not required to provide accommodations that would fundamentally alter what the examination is intended to test, jeopardize examination security, or result in an undue burden.

Requesting Accommodations

To request accommodations for the ILE, a candidate may contact IHS at or 734-522-7200 to obtain the “Candidate Accommodation Request Form.” 

  1. Submit Request Form
    Candidates must submit the complete request form along with the required supporting documentation PRIOR to scheduling an examination appointment. It is recommended that the form and supporting documentation be submitted to IHS at least 95 days before the desired exam date.

  2. IHS will review each request, which may take up to 60 days. 
    Please note that the submission of incomplete Candidate Accommodation Request forms and/or incomplete supporting documentation may delay the review process.

  3. Approved or Denied
    IHS will then notify the candidate whether their accommodation request has been approved or denied.

  4. Schedule with IHS
    The candidate must then work with IHS staff to schedule and pay for their examination appointment. Candidates will be asked to provide IHS staff with two potential testing centers and three dates/times at least 35 days in the future for their exam appointment. 
    Candidates who register themselves through their test-taker accounts will NOT receive their accommodations! Exam appointments MUST be scheduled through IHS staff to receive accommodations.

  5. Exam Date Confirmation
    IHS staff will inform the candidate of their official exam date, time, and location and request payment information.

  6. Candidates will receive their Authorization code by email.
    They should familiarize themselves with test-day information.

Re-taking the ILE with Accommodations

If a candidate needs to re-take the ILE, they will first need to be deemed eligible to do so by their state or provincial licensing agency.

Candidates deemed eligible to re-take the exam who intend to use the same accommodations do not need to submit a new request form. Upon receiving notification from IHS of their eligibility to re-take, the candidate should send an email to with their preferred locations, dates, and times, at least 35 days in the future.

Candidates who wish to request new, different, or additional accommodations will have to submit a new "Candidate Accommodation Request Form" and supporting documents as needed. This new request will undergo the same review process as the initial request.